The Upper Lillooet Hydro Project includes two run-of-river, clean energy generation facilities located in the Pemberton Valley:

  • 81.4 MW Upper Lillooet River Hydroelectric Facility
  • 25.3 MW Boulder (Pebble) Creek Hydroelectric Facility

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Each hydroelectric facility diverts partial flows from the river or creek, through an intake structure directly into a tunnel and/or penstock to the turbine(s) and generating equipment located in each separate powerhouse. The water is then be returned to each respective river/creek. Electricity generated by the hydroelectric facilities is transmitted by a single 230 kV transmission line that connects the two hydroelectric facilities to the BC Hydro transmission system. The transmission line route does not pass through the Village of Pemberton. Click here for more information about run-of-river power.


Location of the Upper Lillooet Hydro Project


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